Ordner-/Dokumentname 2018-The Path of Humanity

The Path of Humanity - From a Subsistence Economy towards a Global Agri-Food Economy

Walter Pfluger - University Degrees and PhD in Science and Economic Policies, Germany



The following text is the summary of a conference that was given on October 15, 2018, on the occasion of the International Seminary of Food Science - SISA 2018, organized by the team of the Institute of Nutrition, Food and Nutrition. Food and Agro-Food Technologies - INATAA - University Mentouri Brothers located in the beautiful city of Constantine in the east of the Republic of Algeria.

The objectives of this conference were to encourage young researchers supervised by Prof.’s excellent team. A. Boudjellal, to become aware of their role in a universal process of evolution of humanity, as well as the importance of their scientific work for the future of life on our planet, reminding them of the geographical context and history of the evolution of the “modern” man who has gained momentum around the Mediterranean and in the “fertile crescent” of the Middle East.

Keywords: Path of Humanity; Agri-Food Economy; Scientific Innovations

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